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Real Estate in Hillcrest, DC

Homes in Hillcrest, Washington DC

Hillcrest is a rather affluent and well-kept neighborhood, one of the most affluent in its area. In fact, several influential residents including the current and previous mayor of DC live in Hillcrest. Hillcrest is in the southeast quadrant of DC, located in Ward 7, east of the Anacostia River.

Road which surround Hillcrest are Pennsylvania Avenue SE to the northeast, Southern Avenue to the southeast, and 32nd Street to the west. Branch Avenue is its main thoroughfare. Hillcrest is a residential neighborhood, and about one third of its area is occupied by Fort Dupont Park.

There are currently more listings in Hillcrest than the 30 that are shown below. To view all of the listings in this area of Washington DC, please visit Hillcrest Listings.

Homes in Hillcrest of Washington DC