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Homes in Dupont Park Neighborhood, DC

Dupont Park Neighborhood Real Estate in DC

Dupont Park is a nice area of Washington DC with some very affordable homes. One of the favorite activities of DC residents is the year-round Fort Dupont ice-skating rink is also located in this area. Dupont Park is nestled into the parkland of Fort Davis and Fort Dupont Parks, the grounds of two Civil War-era forts that were constructed for the defense of Washington.

Dupont Park is a residential neighborhood located in southeast Washington, D.C. Streets and areas which surround Dupont Park are Fort Dupont Park to the north, Pennsylvania Avenue SE to the south, Branch Avenue to the west, and Fort Davis Park to the east.

Dupont Park is a distinct neighborhood from the nearby Fort Dupont, although both border the park and take their name from it. Neither should Dupont Park be confused with Dupont Circle, a much more commercial and upscale neighborhood in the Northwest quadrant.

There are currently more listings in Dupont Park than the 30 that are shown below. To view all of the listings in this area of Washington DC, please visit Dupont Park Listings.

Dupont Park Real Estate For Sale