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Homes in Southwest Watefront, DC

Southwest Real Estate For Sale

Southwest Waterfront stretches along the Anacostia River as it winds around and meets up with the Patomac River. This area has just about as much waterfront property as anywhere in DC. If you are looking to live in Southwest Washington, you will either be living in Southwest Waterfront, or in Bellevue. Both of these areas have some high dollar real estate, which is inherent with being in an area with waterfront homes.

The area has not always been this way, where at one time there was an awkward contradiction in the upper and middle class. There were several large luxurious homes, small shops, and at the same time shanty homes and shacks housed many of the other residents in the area. Some people even lived in tents. Today is quite a contrast. There are several complexes of condos and townhomes. Many of these are highrise buildings with modern architecture, beautiful glass looks to them – these are award winning architectural designs. This actually has a lot to do with the new Washington Nationals stadium that was built, which brought new development, high dollar housing, and the wealthy began to move in and low income could no longer afford the area.

Homes in Southwest Waterfront, DC