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Barney Circle Neighborhood, DC

Homes in Barney Circle For Sale

Most of the homes in Barney Circle neighborhood are rows of single family brick houses. This gives the area a unique character and feel. These homes are straightforward, having very modest size and simple style. There are also larger two story row houses which are wider, yet shallower than the earlier homes built in this area. Barney Circle had most of its development occur within the first part of the 1900′s. This area is just to the east of famous and historic Capitol Hill.

Barney Circle sits on the west side of the Anacostia River. The boundaries of this neighborhood are frequently disputed, or at the least, confusing. The area is said to technically be surrounded by Pennsylvania Avenue SE to the south, Potomac Avenue SE on the north, 15th Street SE on the west, and 17th Street SE on the east. At the same time, those were in the areas once called Lincoln Park and Capitol Hill East also consider themselves to live in Barney Circle. With those areas included, the boundaries then stretch to East Capitol Street, and down south as far as the Southeast/Southwest Freeway, and eastward to DC Jail at 19th and D Streets.

Barney Circle, Washington DC, Home Listings

There are currently no listings in this part of Washington DC. However, there are listings in another neighborhood that is close to this one. Check out the homes for sale in Capital Hill