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Carver Langston Neighborhood Homes in DC

Homes in Carver Langston, Washington DC, For Sale

Carver Langston has a large amount of rentals, in fact there are nearly more renters here than in any other area of the nations capitol. This is a middle-income area, so housing in this area is going to some of the least expensive in DC. So if you are looking for a nice starter, then check out Carver Langston.

Carver Langston is a small area that is actually an combination of two different neighborhoods. You guessed it – Carver and Langston. The two neighborhoods are divided by Maryland which runs straight down the middle of it, and then bordered by Bladensburg Road to the west, M Street NE to the north and 22nd and 26th Streets NE to the east, and Benning Road to the south.

Carver Langston Real Estate For Sale

There are currently no listings in this part of Washington DC. However, there are listings in other neighborhoods that are close this one. Take a look at the areas listed below!

  • Capital Hill
  • Ivy City
  • Trinidad