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Homes in Brookland, DC

Real Estate in Brookland, Washington DC, For Sale

Brookland is a larger neighborhood in Washington DC. The area is within the boundaries of 9th Street NE to the west, Rhode Island Avenue NE to the south, and South Dakota Avenue to the east. Residents here take the Brookland metro station to work.

If you are looking for an area that is full of fun things to visit, then Brookland in DC is for you! There are over a dozen famous landmarks, including the Brooks Mansion, Trinity University, and Charles R. Drew Memorial Bridge. Brookland is sometimes known as “Little Rome.” The area has several Catholic landmarks, with over 60 Catholic institutions in the area, including the only university founded by the U.S. Catholic Bishops, the Catholic University of America.

There are currently more listings in Brookland than the 30 that are shown below. To view all of the listings in this area of Washington DC, please visit Brookland Listings.

Brookland Homes in Washington DC For Sale