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Homes in Takoma, Washington DC

Washingotn DC Homes in Takoma
Takoma is actually named in conjunction with an area outside of Washington DC, but for Takoma Park which lies just across the border in Maryland. The Takoma metro station services residents who live in this area.

This is a very favorable area for families, as they have great park area nearby for them to enjoy, and quick access to the Washington metro. Takoma also is an area which prides itself in clean living and friendly residents. The Takoma Recreation Center is also within walking distance, which is one of only seven major recreation areas of the capitol city.

There are several very classy homes and areas in Takoma, and redevelopment and growth is also taking the neighborhood over at this current time.

Streets which surround Takoma are Georgia Avenue to the west, somewhere between Tuckerman and Van Buren Streets to the south, and Eastern Avenue to the northeast.

Takoma Neighoborhood Home Listings