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Homes in Sixteenth Street Heights

The name Sixteenth Street Heights says it all when it comes to real estate. Obviously, these homes line sixteenth streeth, and there certainly are some tall buildings which house several people in this area. Sixteenth Street Heights also has a good number of condos, townhomes, and Craftsman style homes for sale.

The boundaries are hard to define in this area, but most agree that they can be defined as 16th Street on the west, Georgia Avenue on the east, Missouri Avenue to the north, and Arkansas Avenue to the south. Neighborhoods which are in the immediate area are Brightwood, Brightwood Park, Columbia Heights, Crestwood, Park View, Petworth. Residents here take the Georgia Avenue-Petworth Metrorail station which is on far southeast corner of the neighborhood.

There are currently listings in 16th Street Heights than the thirty shown below. To view all of the listings in this area of Washington DC, please visit 16th Street Listings.

Homes For Sale in 16th Street Heights

16th Street Heights is a very diverse area. With all ends of the spectrum for high end, very affluent residents, to areas that are middle class and low income. There is minimal shopping in 16th Street Heights, and what shopping there is, is much smaller and often times residents may go elsewhere to shop.

This area is very rich in culture, with popular restaraunts and Jazz clubs. 16th Street is the street which leads to the White House, but is also home to a large number of different churches.