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Homes in Wesley Heights For Sale

Wesley Heights is among the great neighborhoods of Washington DC. This is a wealthy residential area that offers great amenities for residents, and was actually one of the first master planned communities in the country, offering convenient transportation, and a clubhouse for residents.

Wesley Heights is a small neighborhood situated south of Tenleytown. Streets that border it are New Mexico Avenue on the East, Nebraska Avenue on the North, Battery-Kemble Park on the West and Glover Parkway on the South. The main road which passes through Wesley Heights is Foxhall Road

Often times the neighborhood of Berkley is considered to be part of Wesley Heights, for the similar look and feel of it, but the two are distinct – so listings in Berkley will not be found here.

There are currently more listings in Wesley Heights than the 30 that are shown below. To view all of the listings in this area of Washington DC, please visit Wesley Heights Listings.

Listings of homes in Wesley Heights