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Homes in Potomac Heights, DC

Potomac Heights is 75 acres of residential property, much of it being highly valued, classic homes which were built in the early 1900′s. These properties are now valued at several hundred thousand dollars.

If you were to go east of Potomac Heights, you’d fall into the Potomac River and end up in Virginia. The other borders of Potomac Heights are MacArthur Boulevard westward, to the north by Loughboro Road and to the south by Chain Bridge and Arizona Avenue NW.

Homes in Potomac Heights For Sale

There are currently no listings in this part of Washington DC. However, there are listings in other neighborhoods that are close to this one. Take a look at the areas listed below!

  • Kent
  • Palisades
  • Spring Valley
  • The listings below probably are in Potomac Heights, but that’s no guarantee. The reason being, the MLS has no specific neighborhood for Potomac Heights in DC, so these listings have the words Potomac Heights somewhere in their description