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North Cleveland Park Homes in DC

North Cleveland Park is a great neighborhood to live in, as it is close to work for many people who live here, and has quick access to transportation which can get you anywhere else in DC. Because of the metro station, Van Ness, in North Cleveland Park, the area frequently incorrectly called Van Ness. This area is also not to be confused with Cleveland Park.

Two major employers of North Cleveland park include Intelsat, and the University of the Disctrict of Columbia. There are several major embasssies in North Cleveland Park, many of them are from the countries of the Middle East.

North Cleveland Park is bounded by Albemarle Street NW to the north, Tilden and Upton Streets NW to the south, Wisconsin and Nebraska Avenues NW to the west, and Connecticut Avenue to the east. One of the ways that people travel to North Cleveland Park is through the Van Ness metro station of the Washington Red Line.

North Cleveland Park Real Estate Listings