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Friendship Heights

Homes in Friendship Heights, DC

Friendship Heights is actually a neighborhood that sits on the border of DC, and extends a small ways into Maryland. Most of this area is residential, but it also has a fair portion of commercial are within the boundaries as well. Many residents in the area find this to be a huge plus, as they travel the least amount of distance to to do their shopping. With a lot of the travel in DC being through the metro system, it makes sense to not want to travel far with things such as groceries.

Many of the people who choose to live in Friendship Heights work in places like GEICO (which is headquartered here, and was originally the “Government Employees Insurance Company”). Friendship Heights has seen a reasonable boom in growth recently, with new high rises and condos being built in the area.

Some great attractions for locals includes the Tenley-Friendship Interim Library, and people love to take advantage of the department stores, the many boutigues, day spas, and a great mulitplex cinema.

Homes in Friendship Heights