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Homes in Foxhall, Washington DC

Like many of the neighborhoods in Washington DC, and in the third ward, Foxhall is a very affluent neighborhood. Most of these homes were built in the early 1900′s, and when a small neighborhood was built it had been given the name of Foxhall Village. The name comes from the nearby road, Foxhall Road which borders the neighborhood. The boundaries are defined by said road, Reservoir Road, and the Glover-Archibold Park.

Foxhall has a very distinct feel to it, and it can quickly be identified because of the architecture of the homes. Those who want to live in a Tudor style home, would find Foxhall a fantastic place to live. In fact, because of the amount of Brick style tudor homes, Foxhall was listed in the National Register of Historic Places just a few years ago.

Foxhall Home Listings in Washington DC