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Cleveland Park

Homes in Cleveland Park are upscale homes which were actually were clearly summer homes long before modern air conditioning. This makes for larger homes, which were built where the breeze comes in, and dispells the humidity of the lower, bustling part of D.C. Many of these homes have large windows, overhanging eaves, and porches for escaping a hot home. Now with modern air conditioning, these homes are simply large and beautiful.

Cleveland Park is rich with history, with homes dating back to the late 1700′s, and are some of the first settlements in Washington D.C. One of the best attractions of Cleveland Park is the library here, which is part of the D..C Public Library system, which strives to be a fun and welcoming destination for children and families.

There are currently more listings in Cleveland Park than the 30 that are shown below. To view all of the listings in this area of Washington DC, please visit Cleveland Park Listings.

Cleveland Park Homes For Sale