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Sheridan-Kalorama is more of a surburban residential area compared to its neighbor, Kalorama Triangle. Both neighborhoods have historical influences. Sheridan-Kalorama is known to be one of the most affluent neighborhoods in DC. With park settings, large homes for single families, and spacious condos Sheridan-Kalorama is a great place to settle down in Washington D.C.

Up until the 19th century, the Kalorama areas were mostly rural developments. Kalorama means fine view in Greek. Kalorama got its name from a poet who named their piece of property Kalorama and it soon caught hold to the rest of the area.

Several embassies are located in the Kalorama neighborhood, mostly located on Massachusetts Avenue. The boundaries of Sheridan-Kalorama is Rock Creek Park, Massachusetts Avenue, P Street, Florida Avenue and Connecticut Avenue. The Rock Creek Park Area is a very beautiful lush, green and tree filled area.

Real Estate Listings in Sheridan-Kalorama DC

Sheridan-Kalorama Schools

Sheridan-Kalorama has an abundance of high quality public and private schools.

  • Washington Studio School
  • Emerson Preparatory School
  • Oyster Adams Bilingual School
  • City Collegiate Public Charter
  • Ross Elementary School