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Dupont Circle Washington D.C.

Dupont Circle is a famous area in Washington DC that surround the traffic circle in which the area is named after. The three streets that flow through the traffic Dupont Circle are: New Hampshire Avenue, Massachusetts Avenue and 19th Street. Residents in the area mostly live in higher priced luxury condos in DC. Dupont Circle has many schools landmarks and embassies in its boundaries.

Dupont Circle was an ideal area to build a mansion or find a rowhouse. Some mansions still remain in Dupont Circle, Washington D.C. as well as older row houses.DC property in Dupont Circle is very valuable and is a great location. Many condos, apartments and homes are still in their original condition and look great.

Real Estate Listings in Dupont Circle DC

The Indonesian embassy is stationed in Dupont Circle on Massachusetts Avenue. Attractions like the Museum of Modern Art, International Temple, and several sculptures are in Dupont. Dupont Circle is also a very popular area for night life, clubs and bars.

Schooling institutions such as Eurasia Center, Brookings Institute, Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies for the Johns Hopkins University and the Peterson Institute are in Dupont Circle as well. Dupont is a very classy neighborhood in Washington D.C. with great events and activities year round. Dupont Circle is a beautiful area to find real estate in Washington DC.