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Chinatown Washington DC

Chinatown Washington DC is an ever evolving area. Starting in the 1930′s, Chinese immigrants started moving into the area. Chinatown is known for its 60 foot high Friendship archway which stretches over H Street. This awe inspiring public art piece will have you admiring over 7000 tiles, and hundreds of painted dragons scattered all along the arch. Unlike much real estate in D.C., apartment buildings in Chinatown have modern Chinese designs, and great balconies.

Recently, Chinatown has been renovated. Chinatown is a growing business area in Washington DC. Shopping, restaurants, movie theaters and a busy nightlife are a few new additions to Chinatown since the renovation. Along with family owned businesses you will find chain restaurants and stores in Chinatown Washington DC like Starbucks and CVS Pharmacy. Although chain businesses have found its way to Chinatown, Asian American family owned restaurants and businesses are still prevalent and popular. DC property in Chinatown is a great place for a business.

Real Estate Listings in Chinatown DC

A great tradition of Chinatown is its Chinese New Year celebration and parade. Chinese New Year is usually a long 15 day festival. Depending on when the new mooon starts, the Chinese New Year can range anywhere from January to Febuary. Parades, fireworks, costumes, dancing, exhibits, performances, food and crafts are some of the festivities celebrated throughout Chinatown Washington DC.

Chinatown even has its own bus system, making transportation around this district easy an inexpensive. The Verizon Center, home to The Washington Wizards, Washington Capitols and the men’s basketball team for Georgetown University is located in Chinatown. A couple of Smithsonian Museums are also in Chinatown. Chinatown is a fun and energetic atmosphere and a great place to find real estate in DC.

Schools in or around Chinatown include:

  • Goethe Institut
  • Gonzaga College High School
  • National Academy of Sciences
  • The Theatre Lab School of the Dramatic Arts
  • Beauty Basics