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Burleith Washington DC

Burleith is an upscale neighborhood in the Second Ward of Washington D.C. Many Georgetown University is directly south of Burleith, so as a result, many students live in Burleith.The Burleith Citizens Association plans social activities and events year round for Burleith residents.

Contrasting with other DC suburbs, Burleith is almost purely residential. It is the perfect community if you love the location in D.C. but are looking for a little more seclusion. Burleith also has a gated community called Hillandale, found in western Burleith where many representatives, and high officials live.

Burleith DC home prices are often clumped with Hillandale, making prices seem higher than they are, so make sure and check specific areas when looking at home prices in Burleith, Washington DC. Burleith has many single family row houses. Burleith homes were built in the 1920′s, but are surprisingly modern. New homes have been built in decades since then.

Real Estate Listings in Burleith DC

There are many quality parks in and within walking distance of Burleith. Athletic areas such as Glover Archibold Park, Montrose and Firebird Stadium have open areas with tennis courts, trails, track and football fields. There are many playgrounds like the Hardy Recreation Center, Frienship Park, and Stoddert Recreation Center with new playgrounds featuring sandboxes, swings, play houses and plenty of friends to play with. Farmer’s markets and flea markets are great attractions for all ages that are held in Burleith year-round.

Although Burleith does not have shopping, it is just a short trip to Georgetown where there is an abundance of restaurants, fine shopping, and great nightlife. Safeway, Whole Foods, Giant and Sutton Place Gourmet are super markets in Georgetown that are closely located to Burleith.

Burleith Schools

Burleith has an abundance of high quality public and private schools.

Burleith Public schools include:

  • Benjamin Stoddert School
  • Hardy Middle School
  • Duke Ellington High School for the Performing Arts

Burleith Private schools include:

  • Holy Trinity
  • Our Lady of Victory
  • St. Albans
  • St. Ann’s Academy
  • Sidwell Friends
  • Georgetown Visitation
  • Washington International School