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Townhouses in DC

Town Homes are a great thing to buy in Washington DC! Townhomes are ideal for small families and couples. After dwelling in a townhome for a period of time, many people end up renting them out or turning them over to make a huge profit. You can find townhomes for sale in DC that are great for you and your family! Town homes are great for a number of reasons. Townhomes can be for a single person, a couple or even a small family.

Town homes and condos are different. A condo is generally one level and you own what’s between the walls, and often times you have people on all sides of you including top and bottom. Although, when you buy a town home you can own a little land, and you generally have a multi level home and you own it. To view town homes do a search and we can help you find town homes in DC!

There are hundreds of townhomes for sale in DC. Check out every townhome listing for sale by following this link to Townhomes For Sale in Washington DC

DC Townhomes Listings