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Ten Most Livable States in America

Are you interested in buying a property this year?  There are many real estate down payment assistance programs available for individuals through government and private organizations. These real estate grants are not exclusive for down payment assistance and that some can be even used for home repairs or improvements. The other good news here is that there is a list of ten cities that you may consider living because according to the survey, they are livable.

What does the word livable means?  The national polling agency ranks the states according to their current economic situation, health, jobs, and even water quality.  Livability of every state is scored and these scores will reveal the best and least cities to live in the future.  So if you are thinking of moving, or buyinga property for your family, you may need to consider this list.

1. Utah
2. Minnesota
3. Colorado
4. Nebraska
5. North Dakota
6. Virginia
7. Iowa
8. Hawaii
9. South Dakota
10. Maryland

According to recent Census data, Maryland has the wealthiest population in the nation based on median household income.  Only 8.4% of Maryland households live below the poverty line, the third-highest percentage of residents reporting being employed full-time by an employer and ranks the second-most optimistic about the economy in the country.  Who doesn’t want to live hear?  On the other hand, South Dakota’s unemployment rate is 4.3% as of June.  The state has the third-largest proportion of respondents feeling positive about the current economy and the seventh-largest proportion of respondents who felt their standard of living was getting better.  Read more about each state and be responsible in knowing which is your next investment.

Well, if you have the most livable states in the country, you will surely ask about the least livable states. (Source: Huffington Post)

1. West Virginia
2. Mississippi
3. Kentucky
4. Nevada
5. Arkansas
6. Florida
7. Alabama
8. Louisiana
9. Ohio
10. Delaware

Why are these states listed as the least livable in America?  As a matter of fact, most of these states are belong to the top ten highest median income in the country which means they are not living below the poverty line.  What made them the least livable is the fact these states scored low when it comes to employee-manager relationship, access to clean water, high obesity rates, low confidence in the economy, unemployment rates, and so on.  Check online for the livability scores of the following least livable states and surely you will agree why there is a need for you to reconsider your plans of buying a property in the area.

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