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DC House Listings

Single family homes in Washington D.C. are one of the largest real estate markets are ultimately what you want to end up with, but by no means is a single family home a starter home. They’re the common type of home, including homes that have bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and some sort of living area.

Single family homes in D.C. come in all shapes and sizes! Here, you can find homes that are small, simple and great starter homes or you can find luxury homes in DC! There are some that are priced as low and under $100,000, or all the way up to the millions!

They’re a great investment and you can find them here! Do a search on the right hand side for the credentials you want in a home! Homes in Washington D.C. are greatly priced and are a great investment!

If you are looking for a nice house in the Washington D.C. area, then this page is for you. Homes in this area are all listed right here!

DC House Listings

There are hundreds of houses for sale in Washington DC, not all of them can fit below. View the rest of them by click this link to Houses in DC For Sale