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New Homes in DC

Washington DC New Homes
Washington DC is a real estate market that has continued to grow. Demand for homes are still high, and demand for quality new homes are as high as ever as well. The homes listed on this page are new homes which gives home owners a true sense of accomplishment. Many people who own a new home feel that they are finally $100 owners of a home. The difference is because they are the only occupants who have ever lived within the walls of the home. Nobody else has ever customized the space to their own liking, so you get to be the first person who gets to do that.

The median cost of a new home in DC is just under $500,000. New homes in that prices range will usually be two bedroom, two bathroom, just over a thousand square feet.

There are far more homes for sale in Washington DC than which are listed below. View the rest of the new home listing by clicking this link New Homes in DC

New Homes Listings in DC