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DIY Decorating Ideas For Small Bedrooms

Not all homes are big so this means having a small bedroom is not a curse.  There are ways on how to make it look big and spacious by changing some in your old bedroom.  Clutter is one of the main reasons why rooms look small even if they are big enough.  If you’re a claustrophobic, then it’s high time for you to keep your belongings organize, choose the right furniture and choose the right color schemes for your small bedroom.

1. Choose the right color scheme.
Light colors or shades will make the space in your room to open up.  White, gray and beige walls will reflect the most light and make the room look bigger.  But if you prefer dark shades or deep-colored walls, just paint one side of the room with a dark shade and allow this to be your focal point without compromising your goal of making your small bedroom look bigger.

2. Choose the right furniture.
A bedroom needs several furniture like bed, dresser with ample space, nightstand(s) or if you prefer, a chest.  You have many DIY changes.  You can frame your bed with custom cubbies that will serve as open and closed storage.  You may also do away with the chest or another nightstand.  If your problem is ample storage room for your clothes, you can install vertical shelves along the wall which can be folded to hide your stuff, shelves under your bed, or install boxy shelves in the wall especially if the room is near the entryway with windows.  A floating shelf is also very unique and stylish

3. Choose natural lighting.
Heavy drapes will make your room smaller and will eventually receive minimal natural lighting.  If your bedroom has windows then natural lighting will make your bedroom feel more spacious.  In this case, use white linens and make sure you have light colored walls because these pair will make a small space look bigger and airier.

It would be nice to have a large bedroom, sadly you don’t.  However, you are not alone.  There are many homes, apartments, condos and townhomes that could barely fit a bed and shelves.  But, you can do a lot of things to make your bedroom look bigger without hiring an interior designer.  In bedrooms, size doesn’t matter, you just need to be creative and stylish to create that bigger space whether it’s an old or a new home.

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